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In this time of digital technology, it may seem strange to take care of LPs, cassettes and tapes, and yet it is well known to insiders that the audio quality contained in these media is very high.
But also some old reel to reel tapes of your parents, grandparents or other precious family members singing, playing musical instruments, celebrating an important occasion or just sitting around the holiday table talking can have lots of importance.
We can enhance traditional and contemporary audio recordings and remove noises such as hiss, broadband noise, hum, clicks, scratches, pops, ... just name it.
But there is a limit to what audio restoration is currently capable of. While we will do everything possible to clean up the sound of a recording, in the end that may not be enough.
Since, every restoration is a case per se, first us and we'll work with you to find the best solution before you commit too much time and money.
We'll do a free sample so that you can hear the difference and evaluate.