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Online editing

correcting audio

The use of editing

There are numerous reasons why you might want to edit recorded audio, whether for music purposes, or professional voiceover or simple dialogs. Here are some examples of everyday editing scenarios that arise in modern audio recording:
- To make two master recordings flow seamlessly into one another, for instance to create a segue between two songs originally recorded independently.
- To remove unwanted noises or gaps from a recording, or isolate short sections of an audio recording for corrective or creative processing.
- To employ the same section of audio more than once within a project, perhaps in order to change the arrangement, or ‘stack’ multiple recordings of the same section for an ensemble effect.
- To create a rhythmic loop from a short section of recorded audio.
- To change the length of a sound to fit a specific gap.
- To change the structure of a song after it’s recorded, for instance by removing a verse, shortening the introduction, duplicating a chorus or adding a new middle eight.
- To compile (‘comp’) the best parts from several recorded performances of the same material.
- To change a recorded performance to improve its timing, or quantise the timing of a freely recorded performance.
- To create unusual or interesting creative effects.


Prepare your tracks
  • - Prepare the audio file(s) in .wav, .mp3, .ogg or .aiff format, NOT DAW sessions – i.e. Pro Tools, Logic etc.
  • - Bounce in mono all the unnecessary stereo tracks.
  • - Include some written notes with your upload describing what you want to achieve. The more we can get, the easier it is to get it right first time.
  • - If applicable, include in the notes the BPM of the song and the key information.
  • - We DO NOT archive your files. All data is deleted from our computers a week after delivery, so please ensure you make appropriate back up arrangements.


upload the tracks
Create a zip file and send it using wetransfer to: @

Below, an example of our editing rates for 1 mono track, 4 minutes long (for more accurate quotes, please contact us):


basic (delete, crop, cut, copy, paste, crossfade, insert, normalize)15€
pitch shift/correction25€
time stretch25€
beat alignment30€
vocal alignment30€
sample replacement45€
dynamic processing (comp, eq, de-essing, exciter)25€

Accepted payments: